Strong's Concordance with KJV App Reviews

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Zero star

Dont get this app

Great app.

I love being able to access Strongs in the KJV along with an NIV parallel. I am finally able to truly understand the KJV. Whereas before I had difficulty reading the KJV, I now see the beauty and poetry.

Very Helpful Tool :)

If it had the number of times a word was used, greek and hebrew words, then it would be the perfect tool but other than that its everything I need :)

Strongs Concordance with KJV

I would recommend this App to my family and friends. It is a great Bible Study resource to have in anyones collection of study materials. I strongly believe this App is worth many more times the cost to purchase it. Once you have used it, I am sure you will agree !

Very straight forward and practical

Easy to use... What else can be said? I use it a lot.

Great App

Very good tool

Wonderful ap!!!

This is a great ap to study and read. Its great!!,

Getting Better

Best bible tool on the market much better than what it was a few years ago....and a few years ago it was great!

A bargain...

Brief and to the point. Its an excellent Strongs reference for a great price.


Im a minister....this is the best bible software i have ever seen and used!!! I use it it preach & study with from my phone and iPad!!!

Best I Found

I really enjoy using this app.It is easy to navigate, and send content to friends . It has been better than expected. There are free bible related apps and the one i had before was so covered in adds I deleted it. I recommend this app to everyone I know is looking for a bible app


Best app on my phone by far. I use it every single day.


Great tool for searching and researching the Word!! Thank You!!


Very useful app. Id love more ability to manage, link and search notes, but it does so much so well it is at least a 4 star application!

This app is great! Este app es a todo dar!! From/de Scott Sepanek

Update: after my second day of using this Bible platform - it is extremely cool functionality wise. Fun actually. I know you devs put a lot of work and time into this. May you be blessed. Thank you, thank you, thank you :) Initial entry from yesterday - I almost never comment on apps but when I found this Bible, I was surprised and quite happy. Thank you developers for working on this. And yes I am a real person. --Español- casi nunca comento sobre los Apps. Sin embargo, cuando encontré este Biblia, me quede asombroso y bastante feliz. Mil gracias a los developers por tanto chambeando! Y por supuesto que si, soy persona de vedad! Scott Sepanek in/en San Diego <><

Awesome app

Great app for studying the Bible. Includes both Hebrew and Greek words with a clear definition of the word. Definitely 5 stars.

Excellent study tool!

Love it!

Very helpful

This combined Strongs Concordance with the King James Bible is a very useful tool. When I read translations like the NLT, which is written in todays language, I always compare the two to see if the intent and meaning are the same.

Best Strongs Concordence

Its VERY easy to use, and gives you all the necessary information. I love the layout too! Great job building this app!!! Totally worth every penny!!!?

Strongly and KJV

I really believe that this application is outstanding! The interrelationship between the Strongs and KJV is extremely valuable. After using another bible app I know firsthand that App is head and shoulders above any Ive ever used!

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